SA.5: Lace and Boot Camp with LouLou Gonzalez


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In this episode of Sooo Aggressive, Vanessa Johnston is joined by comedian and veteran LouLou Gonzalez to discuss LouLou's time in the Army, comedy and mental health, hitting on a deaf guy, and how listening to Jay-Z almost killed her. Plus, we play another round of Red Flags and discover the unexpected sci-fi character that Vanessa was into as a child. All this and more on Sooo Aggressive!


  1. My Moment (0:00 - 4:25)

  2. In The Army (4:25 - 28:46)

  3. Comedy and Mental Health (28:46 - 32:27)

  4. My Stand Up Life (32:27 - 43:33)

  5. Red Flag! (43:33 - 54:23)

  6. Outro (54:23 - 58:28)