SA.21: A Little Late with Mona Mira

In this episode of Sooo Aggressive, Vanessa sits down with writer and comedian, Mona Mira, to catch-up and discuss topics including politics, shrooms, Persians, White Nationalism, laser hair removal, and dick pics. You know…all the stuff girls talk about! All this and more on Sooo Aggressive with Vanessa Johnston!


  1. Intro (:53-3:11)

  2. A Little Late with Lilly Singh: “When you’re part of something you really care about, it honestly doesn’t feel like work” (3:11-4:42)

  3. RiteAid nails are fantastic to pick your nose with! (4:42-7:57)

  4. SNL Drama, Twitter Wars, and Racism (7:57-18:20)

  5. Shrooms (18:20-21:54)

  6. “Botox and Baby Bags” (21:54-24:18)

  7. Why are we hairy? (24:18-26:16)

  8. “Eye-Ran” vs. “Ee-Ron” & Speaking “Persian” (26:16-28:37)

  9. Civil Rights in Iran (28:37-30:43)

  10. Dick Pics (30:34-33:06)

  11. Super Smart and Super Hairy - “Persian Chewbaca” Hair Removal (33:06-40:41)

  12. Being Proud of your Plastic Surgery (40:41-43:32)

  13. Own your Imperfections! (43:32-45:23)

  14. Big Butts & Botched Butt Injections (45:23-48:26)

  15. Boycotting Equinox, Donald Trump, and White Nationalism (49:13-57:26)

  16. Voting, Politics, & No More Daylight Savings! (57:26-1:02:15)

  17. Wrap-up (1:02:56)