Lay the Dick Down with Tori Piskin

Lay the Dick Down with Tori Piskin

On this episode of Sooo Aggressive, Vanessa welcomes stand up comedian Tori Piskin (@toripiskin) as they discuss dating, Lyme disease, New York vs Los Angeles, and the best way to pick up guys at the bar. All this and more on Sooo Aggressive with Vanessa Johnston.

The NY Comic (0:00 - 2:40)
Dating on the wrong App! (3:24 - 12:30)
Dating is Complicated (12:30 - 27:05)
Lyme Disease & Dating (27:05 - 33:00)
Men Drive Us Crazy (33:00 - 40:30)
Attracted to Challenges (48:20 - 1:09:05)
Red Flag! 1:09:14